This week we post an interview with Alison Carol Blackburn who is an Angel Intuitive and Angel Advocate. We sit down to talk about the Angelic Realm.

First she tells us about some past lives where she had a Native Indian connection. She also comes from a long line of Druids.

On the topic of angels, no angel can come to you unless you ask for help, she says. She finds out through conversations with Jesus or Yeshua (ישוע) that he is king of the angels. She became to believe in angels despite the fact that she was a skeptic at first.

Our conversation goes further into tuning in to your intuition and the chakras/Archangel connection.

She speaks of Metatron the Archangel closest to the throne of God meaning, where there is no division between the consciousness of our creator and Archangel Metatron.

He is in charge of the time of ascension and in charge of bringing in all of the rainbow, indigo and crystal children. Also in his charge are the Akashic records.

If you need your chakras cleared you make a request to him. This shows us how important it is to have your chakras balanced and cleared when an Archangel is in charge of this.

Another area that we cover is the seven energy bodies of human consciousness. Super interesting.

In her community she holds regular guided meditation circles with assistance from angels from the diamond matrix.

My favourite quote coming out of this conversation was “We are creator experiencing creator self”.

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