We had a fascinating interview with Antonio L. Santos who is a Numerologist, Chirologist and an Intuitive Life Coach who resides in St-Lazare, Quebec.

He has been practising for 19 years. He uses both Numerology and Chirology (palm reading) in tandem. Numerology is a life code that tells you what you came here to do. While Chirology tell us how you are doing on this journey.

He also uses holistic coaching to help those that are off the path of what they came here to do. Chirology is a science he says and is different from palmistry. In reading palms he sees the past, the present and a tendency of what could be in the future. Lines in the hands are “moved” through conscious thought! So if you change your thoughts you change the lines. He says within three months you can either damage perfect lines or repair damaged lines.

He shares his personal story with us. I asked him why he chose Numerology as the modality he wanted to practice. He was a non believer at first when he was introduced to it at a holistic trade show. At that point in his life he was not unhappy which, could have led him down dark unhappy places. Instead when he saw the science, art and esoteric meanings behind the numbers, his desire for life opened up. He went as far as saying Numerology saved his life.

He has clients all over the world because he speaks and works in three languages; Portuguese, French and English.

He has created a very unique way to help his clients through these two modalities and his innate ability of high intuition. So it is truly a wonderful blend of holistic abilities with which he can help anyone seeking assistance on their life path.

Enzo Mecca

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