We sat down with Bhaskar Goswami, Yoga teacher, speaker and yogipreneur, for tea and conversation. He is well know in the community.

I see Bhaskar as being the epitome of what I consider a holistic practitioner should be. For starters he gets out there, he knows how to network. He creates and collaborates with continous workshops and events with ease and flow. He is well versed in social media.

He founded two companies. In 2007 he founded BODHI (www.bodhiprinciple.com), a company dedicated to offering genuine wellbeing in workplaces. A bridge for corporate workers to learn about holistic practices.

And in 2015 he founded daana which is an organization offering anonymous contribution-based wellness worldwide (www.globaldaana.org). A true pay it forward concept in action!

He calls himself a Yogipreneur but in actuality he is a Philanthropreneur. Or simply put a forward thinking Yoga Teacher, well ahead of his time.

In our chat we discuss some interesting topics about “body mastery”, “the inner game of Facebook”, “finding your purpose” and “the Daana story”.

And of course ponder the age old question; is suffering necessary?

We had a fantastic time with a fascinating holistic personality. Here is a clip from it.

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