Dahna Weber is a holistic friendly business consultant that has helped many practitioners launch their dreams, ideas and practices. She “gets it done” as she says. When I first saw her as a guest speaker at an event I was impressed by her business knowledge, her friendliness and concrete business strategies. She had all the skills to start and keep a business going that I did not. I booked a session with her the next day.

We find out some interesting tidbits of information about her personal love to help women entrepreneurs, after all her company is called Motherhoodincorporated.com or MINC Canada. She has helped women succeed not just in Canada but also overseas.

She and her team also create web sites so you get a full service team. But most of all, I enjoyed the strategies and dozens and dozens of suggestions she comes up for you. If you persevere you will no doubt succeed and have a thriving business with her guidance.

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