This week we post an interview with Gabrial Embon. She teaches two main type of courses; Life coaching and Theta Healing. In Life Coaching she says actions plus mindset equals results. As people we create consciously and unconsciously so it depends on where the predominant focus is to get results we seek.

What is Theta Healing? It is an energy healing modality. We talk about human behaviour, epigenetics (ancestral conditioning) and quantum physics; where spirit meets science, you begin to understand why is your brain is creating what it is creating. We carry programming from past lives as well as at the soul level.

We also talk about collective consciousness which is how you are affected by your environment and also discuss the difference between soul level and past lives.

Many people are attracted by Theta Healing throughout the world because it can be approached on an intellectual level alone or combined with tapping into source energy.

She also shares some tips to get people to be more aligned in their desires. We hope you enjoy it.

Enzo Mecca

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