This week’s interview is with Ginnie Marie an intuitive artist. I met Ginnie at a trade show about one year ago. I totally enjoyed her unique drawings created through intuition & channeling.

When you meet her you become aware of her free soul personality and you will fall in love with not just her art work but her easy going nature as well. It’s a thrill to vibrate at her frequency!

She talks to us about how she reconnected to her artwork after taking an intuitive art class. She felt a shift was taking place and something new had been born.

Each piece of work can take between 2-10 hours to complete. You do not have to be present during the process, she does this remotely for clients.

She explains her process and gives some tips on how the everyday person can tap into their intuition and creative process on their own. 

She lives in Warkworth Ontario and the majority of her work is not done in person but over the internet, by email.

Enzo Mecca

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