Jennie Anstey sat down to talk to us about how she began her journey to become an Osteopath. She had been working as a Pilates teacher when she took an anatomy course within the Osteopathy program. She found an amazing array of information and practical techniques to bring to clients.

She explains how Osteopathy is different than other therapies which are more directing the client but this approach is more about listening to the body and how it wants to move. And how it encompasses all layers of the (body) systems.

One would think that Osteopathy focuses only on the spine, muscles and joint but, but the approach is to impact also the lymphatic, nervous and circulatory systems. And do not forget that the etheric body is also considered.

Once she graduated she realized that she was taking on people’s issues due to the fact that she is a classic empath. So she went on a personal journey to work on herself. This is when she found sound healing; working with sound and consciousness. While she worked with this for her own process, she later on began to bring sound tools (and meditation) to her Osteopathic workshops because she saw it was too powerful a tool not to share.

She also began to develop the work of aquatic exploration in Osteopathy. So she traveled the world seeking out teachers in Cranio-Sacral movement and aquatic body work who often visit her in Montreal to share ideas and work together. She offers aquatic exploration in her home backyard pool to her clients and also other parts of Quebec. We could observe others in the pool outside while we recorded the interview.

All in all a totally fascinating chat about Osteopathy and learning about other aspects of Osteopathy that we did not know existed. We hope you enjoy it. Comment and share!

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