Kathy Tropiano is an author, Life Coach and an Event Producer. Our host Isabelle Sayed speaks to her about these three areas of her life in this short interview.

Her book is called Urgency de vivre which starts as a bio of her life but it’s really an inspirational book for helping people take the first step towards their dreams; one step at a time. She talks about taking urgent action to make your dreams come true as opposed to getting around to it “one day”.

The event she produces is Le Salon de l’Éveil or the Awareness Exhibition; in it’s 5th edition. The next one coming up on February 16th & 17th of 2019 in Laval. Also in 2019 he also has one in Gatineau Quebec March 23rd & 24th and one other Lévis Quebec in May 25th & 26th.

It is an exhibition about Body, Mind and Soul. A place for those seeking answers to questions about a variety of health and well-being. You will find practitioners, vendors, workshops and talks at the events.

She is also a Life Coach and is particular about who she takes on as a client. She looks for this ready to do the work most of all.

She is one busy entrepreneur! Watch the full interview as Isabelle unravels the story of how she came to accomplish so much in so little time.

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