Kelly Roughton is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and a spiritual hypnotist. She calls herself a healing journey co-pilot. She helps clients who are already on a healing journey to find focus and get through hurdles.

As a hypnotist she explores with her clients issues or questions they may have. She finds the body responds with many different types of symbolism.

With EFT you are trying to interact with an emotion or body sensations or even looping thoughts to approach a problem. The “tapping” on certain parts of the body are accessing meridian points like those in Acupuncture except without the needles, of course, in order to induce a release of whatever is being held by the body.

EFT is a modality that people can take home with them to practice on their own. She gives classes and workshops to teach people how to do this.

Kelly also runs a popular Facebook group called Montreal Lightworkers. She also travels to the US to conferences and fairs to keep in contact with the EFT community.

We can also watch a tapping demo with her. And you can reach her through her website:

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