After a long break for the 2018 holidays we are back with an interview with Lynda Constant who is the facilitator and team leader at La Terre D’Epona in Saint-Lazare, Quebec.

La Terre D’Epona is a sanctuary for horses outside the city limits where one can go to work with the intuitive guidance of horses for personal development, well being and leadership skills.

She works with individuals clients and even two at a time so that they can get the personal attention and guidance from Lynda. She is now looking to grow the idea of working with groups to develop mature and conscious leadership skills. She calls it authentic leadership which is a holistic approach to power and responsibility.

She goes on to say that communication is only 10% verbal in today’s society and that the majority is non verbal. It is this 90% non verbal communication that is explored and taught through interactions and exercises with horses at this centre.

One of the techniques you will learn to use is, setting boundaries. As one learns to do this with the herd or one horses, you automatically tune in to your authentic self. This is an extremely valuable tool to use in daily life. Once you set your boundaries with people around you, you are forced to be your truest self, living in the present moment. And thus people around you are put in a situation to also react to you in an authentic manner.

There are many lessons to be learned here and everyone, it seems, gets their own message. Horses help us with our inner and outer purpose. Being spiritual is not just working on ourselves but it is actually creating something on this planet Lynda says. They help us be our true self and thus follow our passion. The leadership sessions with horses teach you how to live the life you want and be on good relationships.

It has become evident that we are in a new paradigm where horses are now our companions and we can learn a great deal from them. Gone are the days of master and animal (or pets), they are here to walk beside us and learn along side us.

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