We sat down for a chat with psychic Marie-France Lahaye in the fall of 2017. She tells us how she is guided by a group of entities who offer her unbiased information for every client that sits in front of her for a consultation.

The group of four souls that guide her are ascended masters. They are considered to be one step above, in a hierarchy, above the archangels. Their mission is to help planets to change (evolve) and do this by helping gifted people like Marie-France as well as others across the planet.

On a personal note we find out that she is one of two physical manifestations (two humans) who share the same soul. We did not know this was possible. Apparently strong souls are able to do this. In this very interesting scenario the soul learns and experiences things from two sources. And, as if that was not phenomenal enough, each of the two physical embodiments also learn from each others lessons and experiences. Her twin, if you wish, is a male named Freddy in the UK. They learn telepathically from each other.

I first met Marie-France around 2011, at the time I considered myself just a regular person, not yet having dipped my feet in the holistic world. She was the very first psychic I ever met and therefore my initiation into this world. I happily went to see her without and preconceived notions and was open to experiencing something new.

I went with a list of questions to ask her which she happily answered with metaphysical interpretations. She mentioned things that only I could know about. But what I found the most fascinating was the other information that she offered, without me asking, about my family and other matters, which directly affected me and the journey I was on. So she was guided to disclose such information to me. Most of this I would substantiate as true after the session.

All in all, a most fascinating and head turning experience. She was referred to me from a friend who knew her for 15 years and I since, have referred her to many friends and family members.

She seems quite successful without even a website or any other type of publicity. Obviously she does very well just on word of mouth. For your information she gives consultations by phone or in person.

Watch the video for more information about her and how to contact her.

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