This week we have Mellisa Hunt from Sunny flowers Tarot, Psychic Medium and Tarot Card Reader, as our guest. 

I ask her about the type of clients that go to see her for a reading and for what reasons. Usually people see her for finances, projects, work, matters of the heart, traveling, moving, business and narcissism. Most people go see her for confirmation on something while other actually go for the entertainment factor. 

Her abilities began when she was 9 years of age when she began to be “connected” and she had premonitory dreams. At 15 she got her first Tarot Cards deck. 

The messages only come out at the moment, for that moment. And only with the clients permission.

She says she loves what she does because she has found her path. And enjoys giving guidance, gives tools and brings clarity to people. 

I ask her if people are willing to be vulnerable when showing up there for answers, clarity and guidance. She confirms that this is so. Sometimes they are seeking to release something and there is a desire to heal themselves and therefore are open to vulnerability. 

At the end she pulls and reads a couple of cards for us. so tun in for that.

Enzo Mecca

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