Interview with Sarah Surrenders.

My cohost, Isabelle Sayed and I interviewed Sarah Surrenders online. We talked about why she changed the name of her practice to The Resonance Temple of Light and sound rather than just calling herself a Sound Healer. What she does is more important that the label of what she practices. She considers herself a Lightworker/energy worker.

We find out a bit about her bio. I was surprised to find out she was married and lived in Ecuador and also travelled South America extensively.

She explains that even if her clients perception or learning style is not auditory inclined or even if they are not musical, it’s about the vibratory quality of the experience that can touch or affect the listener.

We asked how did she get here. What series of events lead her to where she is today? Her story is as a child she had connections to higher realms, that we could not see. She has been communicating with spirit, animals, guides and her ancestors.

It was only when she travelled to Bali that she say the signs of what her future would be. The world of sound through gongs, Tibetan and crystal bowls served as a healing journey for her personally before she decided to help others through this same modality.

The beautiful thing about sound healing is that one does not need to talk. Things start to come up through different layers of your being some emotional for example. It brings things to the surface for observation and healing. Sound requires nothing of you except to lie down and receive.

As a practitioner, since she is intuitive and empathic she hears things in the sounds, a source of information she receives. She calls it energy diagnostics. Which she can communicate to her clients.

Not only does she offer one on one sessions but she also has a group session once a week. The past two years she has also started to teach her modality to some students; people that are that are drawn to her.

All in all a fascinating chat with another talented and unique Holistic Practitioner.

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