We had the pleasure to sit and have a conversation with Ven Thero a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka. We talk about why he wanted to become a novice monk at the age of seven. He had a major accident as a young boy and his spinal cord was completely damaged. Although Doctors said he would not recover and have a normal life yet that is exactly what happened and he is still with us.

He believes that this second chance on life gave him a chance to continue his mission.

Thero studied psychology in university and has a Doctorate in psychology. And he has traveled to 32 countries as a speaker and teacher of meditation and chanting.

Other topics we cover are karma and disease.

While he was here we organized a potluck vegetarian dinner with him, an outdoor meditation and we also followed him to a few of the workshops he gave around the city.

Have a listen to this fascinating story to understand the mission he has embarked upon.

Enzo Mecca

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