This as a new segment I call “Tarot/Oracle and Other Cards Readers”. It explores different topics in a non-interview style. In t his episode we have Melyssa from Sunny Flowers Tarot.

She is a Tarot Card Reader. For lack of a second guest, I used myself as someone she could give a reading to. As with most Tarot Cars Readers she can read from many different decks of cards. We get a sampling of how it works for her and how she gets information or downloads and then she puts it all together in the form of a messages for the client. She has been able to do this since she was 15 years of age.

She also tried something new. She brought a bag of dominos to try to read messages. With the reading from the dominos her spirit guides basically reinforced the same messages delivered via the cards.

She is in touch with her spirit guides throughout the session while she is connected to you and disconnects from you after the sessions concludes.

I had a fun chat in the session and enjoyed her simple and fluid style. She is very easy to understand and gives rich insightful responses to your questions.

Enzo Mecca

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